This week we look at the latest news from Senator Majority Leader Chuck E. Schumer and his Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act, as he met with advocates about social equity issues.  And then we turn our attention to a new bill in California that would make it a felony to grow more than six plants without a permit. And finally we’ll look at why Americans appear to prefer cannabis delivery services to visiting a brick and mortar store. 

We’ll be discussing those stories and more on the BEST cannabis podcast in the business...

As we like to say around here, “Everyone knows what happened in marijuana today, but you need to know what’s happening in Marijuana Tomorrow!” 


Segment 1 - Sen. Schumer Meets With Advocates and Gives an Update

----more---- Segment 2 - Could Growing More than 6 Plants be a Felony in California?

----more---- Segment 3 - Will Delivery Kill the Brick and Mortar Store?

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California Recall Notice:

  • Brand name: Claybourne Co. 
  • Strain: Head Banger
  • Track-and-trace UID number: 1A406030000326B000094476  
  • Batch number: 28090621HB


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