This week we’ll look at an explosive new report about a presentation to the US Cannabis Council that lays out a plan for market domination by a handful of the largest cannabis multi-state operators. And then we’ll take a look at a new federal legalization proposal led by Republican Representative Nancy Mace of South Carolina. And finally, we’ll look at some of the latest news about Delta-8 THC, as the DEA says there are no explicit federal prohibitions on it.

We’ll be discussing all these stories and more on the BEST cannabis podcast in the business...

As we like to say around here, “Everyone knows what happened in marijuana today, but you need to know what’s happening in Marijuana Tomorrow!” 


Segment 1 - The Daily Beast Bombshell Report or Much Ado About Nothing at the USCC?

----more---- Segment 2 - Is the GOP down with THC?



Segment 3 - Delta 8’s legal limbo in the Lone Star State