This week Shanita Penny hosts the 6th episode of Marijuana Tomorrow with Kris Krane, Adam Smith and Dan 'grassroots' Goldman, as they discuss President Trump's attacks on the constitutional rights of peacefully protesting Americans while his campaign is simultaneously attacking former Vice President Joe Biden's record as an architect of the war on drugs.   And then we take a look at the impact of the recent protests on the cannabis businesses, and the statements of industry leaders, and finally we talk about WTF the DEA is doing policing American's peaceful protests.  

We’ll be discussing all this and more on the best marijuana podcast in the business. As we like to say around here, “Everyone knows what happened in marijuana today, but you need to know what’s happening in Marijuana Tomorrow!”


SHOW NOTES Segment 1: When Animals Attack! Trump attacks citizens while his reelection campaign attacks Biden Segment 2: Cannabis Businesses Targeted and Activists Question Industry Silence   Segment 3: WTF is the DEA up to now?