This week we take a look at A Tale of Two northeastern corridor states, as Connecticut and Delaware take different tracks with their cannabis legislation.  And then Shanita Penny brings us a story that’s out of New Jersey, but really could be from any newly legal state, as once again the so-called “gifting” industry has begun to pop up around the Garden State like it's Black Rock City! And finally, we have a bizarre story out of Minnesota as a blind veteran says an RNC strategist recruited him to run for Congress as a Grassroots Legalize Cannabis Party candidate!

We’ll be discussing all these stories and more on the BEST cannabis podcast in the business...

As we like to say around here, “Everyone knows what happened in marijuana today, but you need to know what’s happening in Marijuana Tomorrow!” ----more----


SEGMENT 1 - A Tale of Two Northeast Corridor States...

Segment 2: Déjà vu

Segment 3: Grassroots or Astroturf?